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Planning a safari can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult even to know where to start. When to travel? Where to go? How to maximize your time on safari? How many days should you plan to be on safari? Which properties would best suit you?

With over 20 years of being based in Africa, designing luxury and custom travel, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands when you reach out to us to plan your safari. We will work with you to make sure that your time spent on safari is perfectly crafted to exceed your expectations. All of our trips are custom tailored to your particular needs and desires – to the composition of your group, to the time of year you prefer to travel, to your budget. No two safaris we plan are ever the same.

By virtue of this, we don’t offer set itineraries, but can happily send you some sample itineraries, based on a conversation with you about what you are looking for. Please get in touch with us for expert safari advice and suggestions.


 Phil is a third generation Kenyan who spent much of his childhood and most of his adult life in the African bush. He has been designing safaris for over 20 years and is widely considered one of Africa’s most respected private safari guides. He has planned and guided trips for the world’s most sophisticated travelers, collaborated on a number of wildlife documentaries and series, consulted for Bear Grylls, and wrote the syllabus for Kenya’s silver level guides. You can watch Phil on The Discovery Channel here.

Phil brings an extensive and unparalleled firsthand knowledge of ecosystems and wildlife movements that sets us apart from other safari operators. He understands what makes an area productive for wildlife viewing, when to go, and how to craft an itinerary to build to certain experiences, not unlike a maestro conducts a symphony. It truly is an art, born from having dedicated one’s life to the safari world.

It is this deep and well-rounded understanding of the safari industry, not only as a guide but as a former camp manager too, that Phil West Safaris brings to every safari we plan. Every property has been handpicked and personally vetted by someone who truly understands what it takes to make a safari great.

In 2010, Phil met Rachel on a safari. He was her safari guide and apparently she still has a nasty case of “khaki fever.” Today, nearly ten years, three children and two cross continent moves later, they work together to share their passion for safaris, providing the perfect balance of personal attention and expert knowledge for each and every guest. 

Phil and Rachel are committed to ensuring that their guests are in the right places at the right times – whether that be the right country and game reserve for the right time of year or the right positioning for that perfect photo. They realize that safaris, when organized skillfully and executed accordingly, can and should be life-changing experiences, bringing people closer to the natural world – and also closer to each other.

Phil and Rachel relocated from their home in Kenya to Jupiter, Florida in 2018 with their children Jackson, Tyler, and Maya.

All of the photos used on this website were taken by Phil, who is also a very talented wildlife photographer.